Derrick Gooden LL.b (Hons)

Derrick qualified as a Solicitor in 1999. Prior to his qualification, he worked as an Outdoor Clerk and Accredited Police Station Representative for several large London based criminal firms before taking up his Training Contract in Cardiff in 1998. Although he obtained a Masters Degree in Property Law, he developed a liking for Criminal Law after Clerking a ten week Trial in the Old Bailey involving two murders and a number of armed robberies.

Since his qualification as a Solicitor he has obtained his Higher Rights in Criminal Advocacy qualification in 2007 and his practised both in the Magistrates and Crown Courts in both England and Wales.

Derrick has undertaken the preparation and case management of cases from representation in both Magistrates and Crown Court and has also prepared cases for Appeal in the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division).

Derrick’s criminal cases include:-

• General fraud including Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, Customs and Excise
• Department of Social and Security
• Copyright fraud concerning counterfeit designer goods
• Murder
• Attempted Murder
• Robbery
• Child Abuse
• Cultivation of cannabis
• Conspiracies to supply all classes of drugs
• Money laundering
• Arson
• Blackmail
• Serious allegations of assaults on persons

Since the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 Derrick has been involved in many complicated Confiscation and Restraint Proceedings.

Derrick has also been involved in several very high cost cases and he is recognised as a VHCC Case Manager by the Legal Aid Agency.

Below is a small sample of the kind of cases that Derrick has undertaken and he remains one of the leading Criminal Advocates in Wales undertaking Criminal Litigation.

R v. S
Conspiracy to supply Class A drugs, Cardiff Crown Court.

R v. O’D
Murder, Cardiff Crown Court. The Defendant was acquitted after a half time submission of no case to answer

R v. A
Case involving a taxi driver alleged of sexually assaulting a number of his female fare paying passengers.

R v. A
Affray, Southwark Crown Court. The Defendant was a Muslim and this was a case involving an investigation under the Terrorism Act and an altercation with the English Defence League.

R v. H
Conspiracy to supply the South Wales area with a large quantity of cannabis and cultivation, Cardiff Crown Court

R v. O
Rape against a 78 year old female, Liverpool Crown Court

R v. W
Section 18 wounding, Cardiff Crown Court

R v. T
Juvenile robbery, Cardiff Crown Court where the complainant was lured to a location and physically assaulted and robbed

R v. S
Section 18 wounding, Cardiff Crown Court. A taxi driver assaulted his fare paying passenger with a fire extinguisher causing extensive injuries.

R v. K
Counterfeit clothing, Cardiff Crown Court. The Prosecution under the Trademarks Act recovered three container loads of counterfeit clothing.

R v. B
Sexually explicit photographic images of children, Cardiff Crown Court

R v. S
Allegation of Manslaughter, Cardiff Crown Court

R v. C
Theft of £40,00.00 by a bookkeeper from her employer, Cardiff Crown Court

R v. C
Allegation of Possession with intent to supply a large quantity of Class A drugs

R v. N
Allegation of blackmail and extortion, Cardiff Crown Court

R v. A
Allegation of money laundering and mortgage fraud, Cardiff Crown Court

R v. A
Allegation of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs, Isleworth Crown Court, London

R v. F
Cultivation of over 4 kilos of cannabis, Cardiff Crown Court

R v. K
Proceedings brought under the Proceeds of Crime Act where we were able to successfully reduce the benefit figure by over £100,000.00